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Bob Morton

Bob brings several years experience to the AUCTION WITH EXIT Team in many different areas.  One of Bob's strongest contributions, is the life time spent built of keeping his word and being honest with whom he works.   "When a man and his family has spent a life time farming, milking, raising beef or whatever business they are selling out and have decided it is time to retire, and they sign their name beside mine on the contract, I feel a grave responsibility and honor that I have been trusted to handle this huge step toward their future", states Bob. 

Bob offers the AUCTION WITH EXIT Team 30 years of real estate experience. 

Bob is a Partner in Tradition Auction Services with Lynn Lee

Bob is a Partner in Auction With Exit with Lynn Lee & Mitch Umbarger.

Bob is owner of Bob Morton Marketing

The Auction with Exit Team is a unique, experienced,  talented group of professionals who have joined forces to bring versatility and success to the auction world by use of traditional hand shaking techniques and modern technology.    Meet the Auction With Exit Team ..........

License Auction Firm #5618

Bringing Auctions To Middle Tennessee

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