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Bringing Auctions To Middle Tennessee

​Don't Settle For One Offer When You Can Have Multiple!

License Auction Firm #5618

We ponder.... We design a plan .... We amaze .....

This is not just a statement from an over zealous group of lucky people; it is a Plan of Action from a group of professionals that consider themselves very fortunate and honored to have YOU contact us and trust us for guidance in making such life changing decisions such as home purchases, retirement liquidations, surplus property sales, etc.

AUCTION WITH EXIT is as unique as the group that works together to provide the best solution that may be as distinctive as each customer.  No one's situation and livelihood is the same; therefore AUCTION WITH EXIT feels each Auction has to be treated individually and separately in order have to accomplish the best possible outcome for YOU, the customer.  In the PONDER stage, we listen, ask questions, find out what you need and want the final result of the auction to be before any steps are taken. 

In the DESIGN stage, all of our group is consulted and the brainstorming begins.  The location of the sale is considered.... is online sale an asset for your auction?  Should we just video, take pictures or allowing bidding online?  How much, where, what kind of advertising needs to be addressed in advertising?  Are there cattle to be worked?  Is the cattle sale ready?  Is there equipment to be cleaned up?  Is there liquidation items to be organized?  Is antiques involved?  How much time will it take to organize your sale?  Is your property sale ready?   Every little detail of your auction will be addressed and the expert on the team will be assigned the responsibility of seeing to these details.  Once discussed among the AUCTION WITH EXIT Team, several options will come back to you and all the possible outcomes will be given you so an educated decision can be made. 

One or two days prior to auction day the AUCTION WITH EXIT Team arrives and transforms your property into a customer friendly auction site with modern technology, clean facility, friendly associates.  The end result ..... a successful, well run, professional auction.

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